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What is woman abuse?

Are you afraid?

A woman is abused when a person uses actions and words to control what the woman does. An abuser does things that makes the woman afraid.

Woman abuse can be serious. Many forms of woman abuse are against the law.


What abusers do

Has your partner, ex-partner or another family member done any of these things to you? 

  • hurt or threatened to hurt or kill you 
  • hit, punched, kicked, burned, choked or used other forms of physical violence against you
  • used or threatened to use a weapon, such as a gun, knife, tool or chair

  • hurt or threatened to hurt or kill your children
  • threatened to take your children away or have CAS take them away
  • raped you, touched you when you didn't want and/or forced you to do any sexual activity
  • threatened to or shared pictures or videos of you naked or having sex
  • forced you to get married
  • forced you to have a baby or prevented you from having a baby
  • taken your money or not given you money to buy food, medicine or clothing for youself and the children

  • stopped you from going to work or school or from getting a job
  • forced you to work in a dangerous place, for long hours, for no money and/or doing illegal things
  • hurt, stolen or threatened to hurt your pets or possessions

  • threatened to stop immigration sponsorship
  • taken your immigration papers, working visa, passport, health card and other important documents
  • called you names, insulted you and/or yelled at you in private and/or in front of other people
  • insulted your parenting, background, race, intelligence, appearance, etc.
  • told people private things or bad stories about you

  • insulted you because you are a woman
  • stopped you from doing things because you are a woman
  • prevented you from seeing your family and friends
  • insulted your family and friends
  • prevented you from going to your place of worship or doing other religious practices
  • forced you to do religious practices
  • pushed you to do drugs or drink alcohol
  • withheld your medication or the children's medication
  • stopped you or the children from seeing a doctor
  • told a doctor, police or CAS that you are "crazy"
  • stalked or followed you, showed up at your work, always wants to know where you are or have been
  • gets children to tell where you have been and who you talk to
  • unwanted phone calls, texts, email
  • tells you he will hurt or kill himself because of something you have done or won't do

You are not alone

If any of these things have happened to you, there are people who can help.